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President: Christiane Scabell Höhn Simões Barbosa
Vice-president: Carolina Marinho Amado Lopes

Maria Helena Sette Camara e Silva
Gilda Moniz Freire Zinner
Glauce Lins


President: Regina Graça Couto do Valle
Vice-presidentBudget Board: Hecilda Martins Fadel

Maria Regina Barbosa Corti
Maria Cristiana Nabuco de Magalhães Lins Villaça Renault
Miriam Marcello Prado
Jacqueline Coelho de Botton

Budget Board

Celia Maria Correa Fortes
Martha Campos de Castilho
Silvia Ferraz Moreira


Maria Isabel Feijó Bittencourt
Sergio Tancredo Oliveira Silva
Marcia Valeria Vieira Souza

General Secretary

Luiz Antônio


We have the help of the Daughters of Saint Anne not only in the pedagogical direction of our institution, but also in the support and education they provide to the families of the children and community. Our integration with Parish Our Lady of the Conception in Gávea becomes more evident with the help the sisters provide in Catechesis and the spiritual formation of the community.

As we encourage parent participation in taking care of our institution, they donate their services. Thus we can count on various handymen and computer support specialists.

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